Vision Tap: Vision Therapy App Reviews

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The activities that actually work are great

Several of the activities do not work at all. Nothing appears on the screen after I select start. If you are going to charge $20, every activity should work as it is supposed to.

Earlier version was great!

This app is similar to what I used to do in vision therapy. I like that it graphs my scores and hopefully I will see improvement over time. I made an extra profile for each eye so I can train them together and separately. As soon as I updated I found an option that was taken away (matching tiles doesn't allow the Difficult level). So now that procedure only takes about 12 seconds and I wish it could go longer. I haven't done much else since then but I noticed some other options are gone as well. -1 star for that Also, the Reaction Time procedure never ends until you get tired of holding your finger down. And I'd love to have an option to view all the users' history in one graph.

Great for treating Amblyopia

Used this app with a patient who has Amblyopic eye. Was able to see an improvement from 20/40 to 20/25 in three weeks. The patient is starting to learn to use both eyes at the same time.

One of a kind app

Excellent support. Contacted them with a question and received an answer within minutes. Great app!

Improved Reading

Reading is imperative to my job. So, the faster I can read the more productive I am. I found this app to have greatly improved my reading speed without diminishing my comprehension.

Is no real software

This no real software

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