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Vision Tap: Vision Therapy

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Eğitim Medical
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A collection of vision-related procedures that can be used in the treatment of some common vision problems. In addition, these procedures can help with eye-hand coordination, reaction time, as well as some reading and learning issues.

Current Procedures:
• Tach: Used to assess visual perception, and to increase reading speed and perceptual span. Choose between flashing letters and numbers.
• Saccadic Strings: Saccadic procedure, similar to Tach, but with strings flashing one letter at a time.
• Tach Tracing: In addition to providing the benefits of Tach, is used to assess and improve visual-spatial relationships. Uses shapes in addition to letters and numbers.
• Speed Tap: Used to test and improve saccadic eye movements, eye-hand coordination, and reaction time.
• Reaction Time: Tests and records both your reaction time and the speed of your finger to move from one corner of the screen to the other.
• Memory Tap: Visual memory procedure that requires the user to remember the order and location of flashing buttons.
• Tap Avalanche: Saccadic and Eye-Hand Coordination procedure, with the frequency and number of buttons increasing over time
• Track Tap Swipe: Tracking and visual processing procedure that requires quick and accurate responses.
• Directional Tiles: Quick saccadic and directional procedure that requires the user to quickly swipe in the direction that each arrow is pointing
• Matching Tiles: Time-based tile matching procedure that uses either letters or images as the targets
• Ordered Tiles: Saccadic procedure that requires the user to find and tap the tiles in a specific order, depending on how the procedure is configured
• Scanning Tiles: Saccadic procedure that requires the user to scan the board and tap all of the tiles that match the target tile
• Tilted: Comprehensive procedure that requires the user to tilt the device to move around the screen and collect targets, while avoiding a rapidly increasing number of enemies.

In addition to the standard procedures, additional procedures and settings are available for patients and vision-care providers involved in Vision Therapy programs. In order to gain access to this in-app upgrade, you must receive a unique access code from your vision-care provider. For more information, visit our website at

Vision Therapy-Specific Additions:
• Rotations: Tracking procedure with rotating buttons
• Vergence Steps: Vergence procedure with 3 targets, each with an increased vergence demand
• Manual Vergences: Vergence procedure with multiple target choices that is controlled manually
• Access to additional settings, most notably the use of colored glasses with color cancellation to focus solely or partially on a specific eye. The level of contrast can be controlled for each procedure.

Other Features:
• User accounts can be created and used to track progress over time
• Custom playlists, ordered lists of customized procedures, can be created and used to control exactly what procedures should be performed in any given session
• Procedure histories can be graphed and filtered
• Procedure histories can be exported as PDFs
• Each procedure has several settings that can be changed to customize the procedure to specific needs. In addition, you can purchase upgrades to unlock additional settings for each procedure and to allow for unlimited user accounts.

If you have any suggestions on future features or improvements you would like to see, or if you run into any problems, please contact us.

This application is not intended to be used as a diagnostic tool. If you are experiencing problems with your vision or vision-related activities, please schedule a comprehensive vision examination.
Consult with your vision-care provider before using this app.